Hi Lo playing technique How to get money

Hi Lo playing technique How to get money

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Hi Lo playing technique How to get money

And games that are widely popular, such as Hilo or Sicbo or Sic Bo, allnewgclub which everyone should know well. This article GClub has adopted techniques that will make the profit to play for all players to bring. Use It's difficult to prove the tactics of hilo, because it depends on many elements that are beyond your control. It's a shame that most games that involve opportunities Luck is an important part of itself. In the case of the Sic Bo game, it all depends on the effect of shaking three dice. It is therefore impossible to predict 100% of the results. Each number will occur at any time.

Hi Lo Hilo - Gclub
Many people have tried in vain to create a strategy. Want to ask how you can beat the dealer when you can't control anything? The only thing you can do is focus on betting without getting out of the way. This is the best way to play Hilo.

Sic Bo strategy and different bets that you can use
Low and high are the least risky bets. Although it is not exciting But it will make you find victory more often If you want to win with a small amount but often You use the following bets.

Low bet:
"Low" bets require you to win the sum of the dice between 4 and 10. You win 1: 1.
High stakes:
With a "high" bet, you have to win the sum of the dice between 11 and 17. You will win 1: 1.
Double bet:
With a "double" bet, you have to win the sum of the dice in pairs. You win. The prize money you will receive is 1: 1.
Odd Bet:
With "Odd" bets, you will have to win the odd number of dice in front of you to win. The prize money you will receive is 1: 1.

Gambling is another activity that Thai people like.
To play a lot. By gambling, another interesting thing that follows various tasks That is often to be played almost everywhere, that is, hilo or high & low, which is a kind of gambling that will have to play with 3 dice together, which will have to count the points out of the three images as well. By shaking the hands Before opening for each person to see, there will be a hilo table that will be four sheets. Write many numbers. In order for the customer to place money to bet on the numbers out there, playing high & low is very necessary to play to be good enough to have experience in playing. Because sometimes we may confuse ourselves that the point that comes out is what it is. In general, allnewgclub it is not difficult to bet on the Sic Bo. There will be high and low numbers and numbers. As planned Which determines the points that will have 12-18 points that is considered a high score, 3-10 will be a low score and 11 is 11 hilo, do not do it, however, playing this high & low like that sometimes may make us Quickly exhausted as well But if we are in the uptrend stage, we can guarantee that the dealer will be able to eat money comfortably. At present, there is a new high & low play, which will be an afrikaans. On the smartphone In order to shake the dice more easily But the classic of old-fashioned play is still very popular.

Characteristics of playing high & low
The style of playing dice is very necessary to correctly predict the dice score. In most cases, the high dice stabbing, we have to analyze well that the points that come out will come into what points. Counting that playing the dice, the most important thing would be to look out for the dice. Because it is considered a basic play that must be remembered

Hi Lo, how to read the high points?
The high & low thrust is one of the most important things that is inevitable. allnewgclub Which playing dice will only roll the dice in just 3 balls, which the point of view is counted from the numbers that are released when added together. If the score is 12-18, then it is a high score, part 3 - 10 that will be a low point And what is the dice in the play, if the point is 11, then 11 hilo. However, at present, playing Sic Bo is very popular because it is a fun bet. Get to win and do something risky Too

11 When the dice, the dealer is depressed every time
Of course, playing the dice, if it comes out in 11 dice, that is the total of 11 points, which makes the dealer too many people as well. Some of them are in the form of being insolvent. Because the dealer will have to pay 6 to 7 per second, but usually will have to pay 11 per pay. However, this rule depends on the agreement before playing. However, if anyone gets 11 dice, then if the hand is heavy, it is guaranteed to be rich. Eaaepenwea, seeing the dice playing will be easy to play, then don't forget to set the band to play hilo.
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